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Comcast Customer Support Horror Stories

Few companies have managed to irritate and rankle their customers as deftly as Comcast. In fact, the sheer volume of outrageous tales is enough to make you think Comcast actually strives for this recognition. For each positive experience a customer has on the phone or with a technician in their home, there seem to be hundreds of stories that describe rude (and sometimes lewd), inconsistent and incompetent behavior. So severe is the outcry of infuriated customers (former and current) that websites devoted to spreading the stories have emerged. Here are 3 examples of Comcast customer support horror stories that will make you chuckle, shake your head and wonder how they manage to remain in business.

#1 – The Sleeping Technician

On one occasion, a Comcast customer was treated to a visit by one of their highly-trained technicians. The customer had a faulty modem. The technician had come to identify the issue and replace the modem. Unfortunately, the expert technician was stumped and forced to call Comcast technical support for backup. After waiting on hold for an hour, the Comcast customer found our crack technician sprawled on his couch, phone in his ear… happily sleeping.

Of course, because we live in the Age Of YouTube, the customer quickly recorded the scene and uploaded his 58-second video to YouTube for the world to see. Over 200,000 views later, the highly-trained technician was fired and an apology was issued from Comcast Corp.

#2 – Television Fans On The Job

One day, a Comcast customer noticed his internet connection had been dropped. His monthly bill had always been paid promptly. His equipment seemed to be working properly. So, he called Comcast customer support. Two crack team service technicians showed up. The customer left the room to allow the skilled specialists to resolve the issue. When the customer returned, both technicians were sitting on the customer’s sofa… watching a boxing match on ESPN (no doubt, a rarely-applied broadband connection test).

#3 – The Botched Installation (And Intermittent Technician)

Bob Garfield wanted nothing more than a seamless installation of Comcast’s service. What he received was a 1-way trip to customer service purgatory. The first installation appointment was missed entirely (wasting the day for Bob). Calls to Comcast’s customer support line (3 of them) resulted in promises to call back after they had investigated the issue.

Zero calls were returned.

Bob, ever the optimist, placed a fourth call to reschedule the appointment. The technician showed up and then left to find a drill bit. He never returned. Unfortunately, during his stay before departing for the drill bit, he had disconnected much of Bob’s DirectTV service and 2 of his phones. Bob called customer support (call #5). His request to speak with a supervisor was denied. However, the support rep promised to call Bob back with information.

The call never came.

The technician abruptly showed up at nearly 6:00 p.m. Because it was late, he left without finishing the installation. Bob called Comcast support and asked to reschedule. His request was denied as the support rep informed him that his installation had been completed (it had not). His subsequent begging and pleading failed to yield different results. Finally, a supervisor picked up the line and offered an apology. She promised to make everything right the following morning.

By that time, Bob had lost much of his optimism (and two weekends).

Comcast Horror Stories Become Commonplace

The 3 customer support horror stories above seem outrageous. They seem exceptional. Unfortunately (for customers of Comcast), these types of stories have become commonplace. Today, bloggers and those armed with video recorders have found a platform from which to tell others about their experiences with the cable provider. And like those who have been victimized by savage crimes, they’re finding that others with similar experiences with Comcast flock to share them.

Part of Comcast’s legacy will include their poor customer service exploits. In the wake of an exodus, providers such as the DISH Network (known for their history of outstanding service) wait with open arms.

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6 Responses to “Comcast Customer Support Horror Stories”
Trina - April 18th, 2009 at 9:01 am

I am writing this while I am waiting for a Comcast Technician for the second time this week for an on going problem. I can truly relate to the Comcast Horrors.

HateComcastWithAPassion - September 29th, 2009 at 8:37 pm

I have Comcast horror stories to numerous to mention here. I would need to write an entire book. The government ought to shut them down. They are without a doubt the worst company in the history of the world. The dumbest, greediest, most inefficient, ineffectual, rudest company in the entire world. I finally cancelled my phone and cable TV service with them and they keep asking me to return. No way in hell! The only thing I have with them now is Internet and as soon as I can find a viable alternative to them, I will. I never want to hear their name again. They are beyond awful, they are absolutely horrendous!

Aaron - October 5th, 2009 at 6:30 pm

I detest DSL, but I am about ready to switch after the fiasco I am going through right now with them.

thedutydoctor - November 9th, 2009 at 12:04 pm

Until such time that we all decide to cancel Comcast they will continue to rob, steal, and ignore our shouts for help, they are by far the worst service provider on the face of this planet, customer service operate under the shroud of no place to complain, either federal or at corporate level, and will continue there ineptness…so for anyone who is reading this right now and saying, you know what comcast are ok with me, you wait until such time that you cancel your service, or need account rep for support for a billing issue, then and only then will you truly experience the full and total ineptness of Comcast… truly a vagabond among us.

Norm - December 12th, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Transfer of service BAD.
1st when I called comcast could not perform the transfer and schedule an appointment it had to be pushed out 1.5 weeks.
2 days after making the call there is a comcast guy onsite for another connection, his customer is not there. When asked if he could perform my connection the answer was no as he had to get approval from his dispatch. When asked if he could call them to get approval the answer was no. I called and the gent I spoke to gave me the work order number and give it to the tech he could then do the job. Upon returning the tech was gone.
Finally 1.5 weeks later. Tech appears. Sets thuings up. Says everything is tested and opperational. Upon my testing later after tech left. Phone works but internet not operational.
Call support eventually over 13 calls made. Each time navigate the dial in tree. Enter in phone number. Finally get tech have to again give phone number, verify address, verify name, verify last 4 of social, explain problem and latest status. Tech then runs through connection of cables to the ports, performs a reset on the modem and confirms connectivity, then asks me to reset, and check status lights, they confirm connectivity. Each and every call we do the same drill and in many cases 3 to 4 times due to transfer of call to more senior techs and management staff. After 13 times this gets old.
1st call tech resets modem saying onsite tech left modem in odd state. Gets internet working. Phone and cable working. 2 hrs later internet stops.
2nd call tech says odd things happening on the router I connect to and swaps me to different router. Works. Go to make phone call later phone not working.
Call 3 – 10 talk to various different techs none know what problem is. They talk about sending original tech out. He calls. Says there is nothing he can do it is in the hands of provisioning.
Call 11 speak with a manager I am told they are provisioning and going to send a tech back out around 5:30 pm.
Call 12 7 PM no tech. Phone still not working. Work order shows it is closed. No tech actually scheduled to come out. Then told the system is set to provision the account at it will happen between midnight and 8 am. Asked to escalate and provision now. Told no they can(. Nobody is here to escalate to. All provisioners are gone for the day except for commercial side but they can not work on residential accounts as per company policy it is strictly forbidden. But if they couls they could fix the problem. After an hour of wrangling. I conceed and agree to call back at 8 am if the circuit is not working.
Call 13 8:30 am phone not working. Repeat the usual drill again. This time I am told I am on soft disconnect due to nonpayment of bill WTF! Bill not due for 4 days and was mailed 3 days ago. Spoke to manager I no that is not the case. Soft disconnect is for old address. Sends me back to tech. Run the drill again. You are set and it will take your work order 48 hrs to be processed and completed. WTF. Ask for manager again. Manager busy have to wait 15 minutes. I wait manager can not get to phone asks for my contact number. Then says he will call and a tech will be out from 3-5 today. 2 hrs later still no service and no tech and no call from manager.

Comcast Hater - March 20th, 2010 at 4:27 pm

These horror stories I am all to familiar with, they are absolutely the worst company in the world!!! I have had the triple package for 3 months now and have nothing but problems. At first, I had 3 scheduled serives, which nobody even showed up for, other 2 times it was a contractor of comcast and he did not knwo how to hook my alarm system up and it would not work!!! Recently, my HD DVR box was not working, so decided to go in to the comcast branch to exchange (was no wasting another day at home) for regular HD Box (they even have an off duty police officer standing in lobby) brought it home hooked it up and some HD Channels dont come through. Call Customer Service and of course they say the connections is fine and will need to send out tech to look at lines (a tech was out 1 week ago and everything was ok), told them about tech, CS did not care this is what they need to do! So I am going to waste another day waiting on these idiots!!! I cant wait til FIOS comes in my area (Although hear that arent the best cust service either).

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