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10 Reasons To Leave Comcast For Dish Network

By admin

Every service provider has customers (past and present) who are less-than-enthused about the service and the provider. Criticism is not new to them. However, Comcast has elevated the art of disappointing their customers to new levels. During the past several years, their treatment of those to whom they should offer the best service has steadily caused a small army of dissent to fester. Today, with the help of blogs, YouTube videos and other outlets, those who have grievances share them willingly with the entire world. Here are 10 reasons to consider leaving Comcast for DISH Network.

#1 – Incompetent Subcontractors

Comcast hires subcontractors to visit the homes of their customers when there are problems, when a new subscriber needs a connection, or when new equipment is necessary. Unfortunately, some of these “technicians” are incompetent. Unnecessary holes drilled in walls, incompatible equipment and other problems make a visit from these people more trouble than it’s worth (literally).

#2 – Rude Technicians

Stories abound about the rude treatment that technicians show when visiting the homes of their customers. Chances are, you’ll need their help one day. By contrast, DISH Network is known for training their people with the proper “soft” skills to make a visit from a representative pleasant.

#3 – Outages

Comcast’s customers routinely experience outages that can rob them of their TV, internet and phone connection. DISH Network is known for its redundancy in service. Outages are sparse. When they happen, they’re resolved quickly.

#4 – Monthly Cost Savings

Comcast is more expensive for similar services provided by DISH Network. Not only does the monthly access cost more, Comcast’s receivers are more expensive.

#5 – Access To Sports

Comcast currently charges an extra fee for customers who want access to certain high-profile sporting event broadcasts. For example, while DISH Network customers enjoy many NBA games for their basic monthly rate, Comcast charges $189 for an NBA League Pass that provides the same access.

#6 – Picture Quality

Comcast’s cable access provides a lower-quality picture than DISH Network’s satellite access. Though Comcast does offer their Digital Platinum package which provides a higher-quality picture, it costs more.

#7 – Silly Voice Mail

Many Comcast customers have complained about their experience calling Comcast when their internet connection breaks. The voice mail tree often directs people to, an odd solution in light of internet connection issues.

#8 – Broken Appointments

The “technicians” employed by Comcast to visit their customers’ homes often fail to make the appointment. According to many customers, these “technicians” simply fail to show up. DISH Network strives to ensure that all customer service experiences encourage goodwill.

#9 – Availability

Comcast’s cable network often doesn’t reach remote places. When it does, connectivity can be unreliable. By contrast, DISH Network’s satellite system is able to deliver crisp and clear service to those living in areas outside of Comcast’s reach.

#10 – Customer Service

Though implied above, this deserves another mention. The less you hear from your service provider, the better. But, when it is necessary to contact a customer service representative, it’s critical to have a good experience. Comcast has always struggled with this while DISH Network has a tradition of great service.

Choosing DISH Network Over Comcast

Many people who still use Comcast for their cable service are severely disappointed. The outages, customer service experiences and monthly expenses are merely the tip of the iceberg. But, many remain customers simply because they are unaware of their options. If you’re still using Comcast, take some time to explore how DISH Network can deliver a better experience for a lower cost. Next month, you may wonder why you waited so long to make the switch.

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4 Responses to “10 Reasons To Leave Comcast For Dish Network”
Sorcegrooma - December 19th, 2008 at 1:59 am

Hi people

As a fresh user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this bbs :>

Daltdeall - January 6th, 2009 at 9:02 pm

What is bumburbia?

Nabil - January 14th, 2009 at 7:54 pm

Any help with which dish/subscription allows to get Tunisian TV channels in CA?


Tim - April 24th, 2009 at 2:22 pm

One reason not to go with dish.. I have had dish for years and paid with auto pay. Out of the blue one day dish leaves me a message that because I have auto pay I will no longer get a bill. Now a person is intitled to no what they are paying for RIGHT.

So I called their customer service rep assured me she would take care of it. I got a bill for a few months then no bill. I called again and again the rep assured me they would take care of it.

Well a few days ago I got another message. And you guessed it I will no longer getting a bill. So I called again, this time I was pissed so I canceled my premium chanels. And am in the process of stopping my auto pay. They will have to send me a bill if they want to get paid.

Dish customer service is a joke


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